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Deluxe Detailing Package


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Additional Interior Detailing Services:


INTERIOR  REJUVENATION                                                         $175.00

This is the perfect refresher for your second office. With this package our professional detailers: Vacuum interior & trunk/cargo area; steam clean carpets, upholstery & floor mats; clean leather (Lanolin based conditioner available at an additional charge) ; clean interior and exterior windows; clean all vents, dash-board, mirrors, knobs, console's, ashtray, etc.

INTERIOR PROTECTOR AND SEALANT                                       $95.00

An invisible way to protect your entire interior - Leather, cloth, suede, and vinyl. This treatment closes the fibers so that stains are unable to set and are easily cleaned up.


ODOR REMOVAL                                                                              $55.00

This treatment is designed to remove even the toughest odors from your vehicle.


PREMIUM LANOLIN LEATHER CONDITIONER                           $45.00

Additional Exterior Detailing Services:​


EXTERIOR EXPERIENCE                                                                  $175.00

Developed to help protect and restore your vehicle's exterior. With this package, our professional detailers:  wash, clay, compound, polish and seal the exterior paint. Degrease door and trunk jambs; clean, polish, and dress wheels, wheel wells, and exterior trim; remove bugs and tar; clean interior and exterior windows.

TINT REMOVAL                                                                                $65.00

Improper tint removal techniques can cause damage to your rear defroster and antennae lines which can significantly impact your vehicle’s functionality. Count on our experienced team to get the job done, clean and carefully.

CLAYING                                                                                           $45.00

Claying helps to remove embedded contaminants from your automobile's paint surface which also makes the surface very smooth and conditioned.

PAINT SEALANT                                                                              $95.00

Paint sealant provides protection against surface contaminants and UV rays. Our treatment offers up to 3 years of lasting protection to your car's exterior.

HEADLIGHT RESTORATION                                                          $55.00

Restore your yellowed or dirty headlights to like-new condition with this option. One year warranty included.

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